Lead Counselor

Randy Schrock is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Since 1999, he has been doing individual and family therapy in Jasper County. Prior to that he worked as a counselor in the residential program at Christian Haven in Wheatfield. The primary focus of his practice is youth and adolescents, but he has considerable experience in counseling adults with various issues including depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and other emotional disorders. He also has experience in marital and family counseling. Randy has significant experience in working with behavioral disorders and trauma related issues. 

Additionally, Randy has a background in theology. He possesses a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Christian Education. He has served as a part-time pastor for more than 25 years. His faith in Christ informs all areas of his life including his counseling practice. Part of this faith perspective is his recognition of the dignity of every human being. Randy believes that protecting this individual dignity requires the therapist to respect the client by never trying to impose his own agenda on the client. 

Randy’s primary counseling approach is cognitive behavioral. In addition, he recognizes the importance of possessing unconditional positive regard directed toward the client. He recognizes one of the most important elements of the counseling process is the ability to establish a safe and healthy relationship. It is within such a relationship healing progresses.